Paperwish Designs

The Process

So, you’re ready for a complete overhaul to your beloved website. What do you do now?

Do your research

It’s really important to get an idea of what kind of website you want. Go ahead and make lists. Make doodles. Take pictures. Heck, throw a binder together if you have to.

Come up with colors, website references and features you need for your website. Getting a clear and vivid idea of what you want before you fill out that “Hire Me” form is vital. It helps communication and makes the next steps that much smoother.

Fill out that form

Give yourself a pat on the back. Look at all those fantastic references and beautiful colors you picked out. You’re absolutely ready.

Nothing left now but to hire me.

Make some wiggle room

I’ll email you back, and we’ll start talking about your website. Send me your research, too, and we’ll talk about that as well.

By this point, we’ll be settling on a fair price. Price is determined by the amount of work you need done, what specific features you need, and how fast you need the work done.

Be prepared to make some changes. We’ll walk through your research and plans point by point. I’ll give you recommendations and alternatives to things in your research– Don’t be afraid to speak up! It’s important that we’re both happy with the final plan of action.

Leave the hard work to me

Once we’ve settled the details, fifty percent of the agreed price is paid up front before I start to work. Once the project is completed and we’re both happy, the other fifty percent is invoiced on completion.

Throughout the allotted time-frame for the job, it’s important to maintain communication lines open. Don’t hesitate to email me concerning the progress of your design! I’ll be emailing you regularly with updates and live links to the work in progress. Ask questions, be engaged about the work that’s going on. The more you know, the better!

Marvel at the beauty

The time-frame is met, we’re both happy with the results. You pay the remaining fifty percent balance on the design and then it’s the big finish!

You grant me temporary access to your website (preferably create a temporary login, please don’t give me your actual login details!) and I do the set-up magic for you. By this point, your website should be live and functional! If needed, I’ll walk you through how to update your website when you want to add new content to it.

Sit back and smile– It’s all done. Just look at that foxy new design! Go show it off to everybody. Let them know who made that puppy, too. ♥

What if I want changes / support?

You have two weeks after the design goes live to ask for any changes at no cost to you.

If it’s been over two weeks, an hourly service charge will be invoiced to you at $25 (25 USD) an hour. Bug fixes are free.

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